The Wrongful Conviction of Kara Garvin

FACT: Child could NOT have seen what he stated or testified to.  He was too small, wall blocked his view.  He was coached what to say and he forgot some of it on the stand.

Fact:  He said "she" kicked the door in.  The door was not damaged and it opened OUT. It could NOT be kicked in.

FACT: He said a skinny girl with black hair,with a bandage on her neck, wearing a vest with guns and knifes and jeans and shoes with spikes on shot his grandparents and sissy. Later on the stand changes her clothes but never puts a blouse on her.  

FACT: She had blonde hair and did not have a bandage on her neck. The shirt they call a vest that was placed outside near a garbage can and mailbox is a XXL sleeveless shirt.  Kara weighed maybe 95 pounds when she was arrested. NO blouse just a sleeveless shirt that was too big on a night that was about 17 degrees?

FACT: A 5ft 2in visually challenged girl without glasses could not shoot a 5ft 10in tall man in the head at close range and the bullet travel in a downward direction.

FACT: James Damron (now deceased) Didn't - Couldn't have seen anything.  It was dark.  His testimony was so tangled it made no sense.  He had the car backing up the steep hill (the only way he could have see a driver going up the hill as he said). He said a girl with dark hair was driving.  Paul Balmer said he drove. Later he tried to say her hair was pulled back.  

FACT: NO DNA of Kara on ANYTHING that tied her to the crime scene or murder.  No Victim DNA on Kara or anything of Kara's.  

FACT: Murder weapon was stolen from Paul Balmers house 2 months prior and we know who stole them.  Detectives NEVER investigated. Or did they? Cant Hall said "You got that back didn't you?" "NO" she said.  He left and came back and didn't mention it again.

FACT:  Det Triggs and Paul Balmer along with another former deputy were close friends.  

Fact: "Snitch" witnesses lied for favors from the Sheriff's office.  One - Brandy Fitzpatrick recanted to investigator and attorney but ran before she signed the affidavit.  

FACT: "Snitch" witness Jessica Jenkins called me to tell me she was visited by the Prosecutors Pat and Julie in another county and told she had to testify and lie because of her dad.  It came out at trial she was given the opportunity to "mail" in her urine for the Probation and not have to come in.  All Snitches have since been back in jail or Prison or are on the run from the law since they were given their "deals'.  Not all snitch stories "matched".  

FACT: I saw the clothing that Paul Balmer said he put on the side of the road on Dec 22, 2008 in the closet of his home on December 26, 2008.  He was in Florida.  How did he do that?  He had help at home.